Sunday, July 12, 2009

Long time...

It already a month since i started this blog....well more actually. This is only the second post. How lazy i'm, need to admit that.

I just coming back from 'Dusun Durian'. It might be called 'Dusun Durian' but there also others fruit i.e. rambutan, mangosteen and dokong. It a great exprerience not because going to Dusun (it not my first time), it because of the place, people there and companions.

Just to clarify, i, myself spend few year growing up surrounding by fruits tree including few durians but to small to remember everything. What can i recall is playing with small durian that fall before it ripe, my father running in heavy rains for ripe durian falling. Then, my village in Pontian also is a fruit ochard with a lot of Durian trees. When i'm small, i'm not allowed there. When i'm big enough, our family will went inside the orchard to collect durians, mangosteen and langsat.

However, what is interesting at this Durian Ochards i went in Gua Musang, Pasir Tumboh to be exact, is the things that we do and happens. The host was an uncle of mine, house is beside a river that we can jump and swim in it. Anyway, people is the village call the spot as 'Kolam Juki', by the name of the host. There is no phone connection there, no blue, red, yellow or orange phone operator. They using natural water as their water supply, from the mountain. It really cold.

The family is treating us really good like a family. Eating a few durian that was collected in the morning. Then, in the evening we went to the orchards. To go to the orchards, which is actually own my our host brother-in-law, we need to go by boat. It not like the speed boat that we used to see in the film or when we went for vacation at an island. The boat is a long boat but narrow. There is around 7 rows of seat but every row only can be seated by at most of 2 persons. The journey take only around 5 to 10 minutes.

When we arrived we started to collects durian under the trees. Just for information of who never seen durian tree, it was very tall usually without reachable branches and durian will be falling anytime. Going around to collect durian can be dangerous as thorny durian might fall on our head. The owner of the ochards was very kind to us, letting us to take and eat under the tree all the durian we want. Even a few that fall during our roaming for durians. It is tastier when eated within minutes after it fall under the trees. The owner even offer us to bring back more durians, which we did. Well it kind of shocking, the durian only priced at RM0.50 per kilo there but it was sold for sometimes RM10 to RM15 per kilo in KL.

Then, at night our host let us have some river fish, to be burned....haha. Well, we make 'ikan bakar' that me and my friends 'bakar' by ourself. Eating fresh 'ikan bakar' was really taste better and i personnally add rice for another three time. The most that i've been eating for quite sometime.

Well, to cut the story short, it was fun and great weekends. Thank you very much to our host, Pakcik Juki and family. Thank a lot.

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