Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Social Website is Great....!!!!

It hard to discipline myself to blog at least once a day. Well, it quite hard to think of a topic really worth sharing.

Here a topic that I think worth to be type. ('_'). The social website is becoming more and more popular. One of the popular social website is Facebook. Tweeter is becoming more popular now. Before this we got Friendster, MySpace and a few more that i can't remember.
It becoming ways to connecting people. Sharing everything and anything. Even with stranger. Let just focus on the best thing of what this site offer us. For me it the chance to reconnect and stay connected with people we know. In fact, you will just surprise that some of the people you know in your childhood is connected to people you meet during your career path.
As for me, my Facebook friends now already 212 friends. I know it nothing compare to most of you. But i'm glad that i can say i know at least 95% of them, if not more. This is my friends from childhood, primary school, secondary school, matrix, uni, and career life. Most of them is a long lost friend. We haven't seen and talk for a very long time. Yet, we meet in this social website, Facebook and reconnected. I'm sure glad opening account with this site.

I always said, in case some of you never heard (or read in this case) "Once a friend, always a friend". Let enjoy our friendship.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Teaching of Mathematic and Science in..........?

Actually I been wanted to write something on this since the government in the process of REconsidering the teaching of Math and Science in English. However as the issue will not effect me directly. First because I don't have any child, in fact i'm not even married. Second, I not even in education line. Thus, I not the one suitable to say anything.

If i have anything related to it, I will strongly oppose the decision to teach Math and Science BACK to Bahasa Malaysia. I capitalize the RE word in the first para and BACK in the last sentence for a reason. It was the only reason why I prefer it to be teach in English. Not that I don't have nationalism spirit for Bahasa Malaysia but i feel if you don't want it to be teach in English then don't from the beginning. It just feel like they are trying to run from the problem arise rather than facing the problem.

I heard some discussion on the matter few weeks back. During break in a course I attended, the topic suddenly arise. The facilitator mention that everyone he asked doesn't agree with it. One of the participant whom is a parent also disagree with the decision. The participant was also mentioning her nieces and nephews in 'Kampung' didn't say anything when it was in English. Then, on what basis it needed to be teach in Bahasa Malaysia?

Last week I read some article in newspaper, can't remember which, the title is somethings goes 'Parent Association in 7 School Want School Be Given Chance To Choose'. Something like that if not exact. They want  the subject continue to be teach in English and it not one, there is seven. If it was not clear enough, I just happen to see in Tun Mahathir blog, the polls show 86% say no to teaching it in Bahasa.

It hard to say anything now but I really hope next time decision need to be done in what so ever, proper research need to be done. And then no decision need to be RECONSIDER and switch BACK to its nature.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Annual Grand Dinner..............

The Annual Grand Dinner is just around the corner. To be exact, it on next Saturday. The very last day in this month. Hope it will be great as a GRAND dinner should. This year theme is Nusantara but it was extended to few other country i.e Thai, Philippines, and Burma.

Last year Grand Dinner was good but some of my colleague mention that before my times, there is time of greater event. But my 1st Annual Dinner in BPMB was sure an unforgettable memories. First, I come as Austin Power, the weird agent Mike Myers. As last year theme was 'Get Smart', agent like smart. Well, I don't really went for smart in theme/costume clothing. I went for strange, weird, just the type that i won't aspect anyone else will want to wear. Unfortunately, I arrived late to the venue and miss the change to participate.

Secondly, as a new comer, just around one month at that point of time, I win 1st prize of the Lucky Draw. Which is 42" Sharp Aquos.

Well, it make it hard this year. What to wear to be up to the expectation?
But I wish i still have the luck to get something from the Lucky Draw.

Friday, October 16, 2009

27th Today, Have I achieve enough?

I celebrate my 27th birthday today. For all who wish me, thank you a lot for the wish.

It feel great today. While celebrating birthday, will be remembering all my past and thinking what have i achieve in all my year? What i'm expecting to achieve in my future endeavor? What can i improve? and what must i change?

It will be a long list to be prepared tonight. Well obviously, I need to find myself a soul mate. Hehehehe.

Wish me luck

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Great news to start the day.....

As i'm on my way to office today, through heavier traffic than usual due to the rain, i received a text that keep me smiling. One of my great buddy has given birth to a boy. What a news to start the day and it really made me happy the whole day.

To Juliana Johari and Hanif Abas, congratulation and enjoy your parenthood.

Syarat dan terma (Term & Condition)

Last few day, my house mate told me that his phone bill increased a few hundred this month. It is due to his so call 'phone family plan' has change to limit the call to certain level. What i want to share is not talking in phone for so long nether about phone line provider but it was made known to the user.
In the case, my house mate insists that he was not let known that the term (time of free usage) has been change. In fact, all his so call 'phone family plan' doesn't know regarding this matter. When the provider was asked, they mention that they already inform all their user by mean of sms and noted in bills. It is mention in the last bill received, however it was in small size which i'm sure only a few people, if there anybody will noticed and read it.
This 'term and condition' thing already been in the system for a long time. All the t&c will be written in a small size and all the t&c (usually more than 20) will be printed in one sheet.
How are we supposed to know or noticed all the small size t&c? And why are we signed the letter and acknowledgement without really know the t&c? Who are to be blame when changes of this t&c happen? as there already one condition mentioning that any changes can be done by the provider? And the provider is not the only company doing this. What can we do to avoid/prevent this? So it still in my mind..... What in yours?