Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kenalan, Teman, Kawan, Sahabat?

Terasa gak nak menulis dalam bahasa melayu pulak. Mungkin bertukar-tukar sekali sekala. Perkataan perkataan di atas macam sama tapi sebenarnya tak serupa. Pada saya, perkataan tu berbeza pengertian dan kekuatannya. Cuba renungkan apa pendapat saya ni.

Kenalan: Ada seorang guru pernah bagitau secara berjenaka, 'kalau kenal orang maknanya kita pernah main golf dengan orang tu'. Pada saya, kenalan tu seorang yang kita hanya kenal sekadarnya. Mungkin hanya berjumpa sekali, kenal nama tapi tak rapat. Kemudian lama tak jumpa. Bila jumpa kita tau kita kenal orang tu.

Teman: Dulu ada satu lagu nasyid... ku mencari-cari, teman yang sejati..... Tapi pada saya, teman ni orang yang bersama kita kemana-mana. Tidak semestinya setiap masa, tapi pada bila-bila masa. Mungkin hanya pada waktu sarapan. Tu pun mungkin sekali dalam sebulan.

Kawan: Dalam tahun 90an dulu kot, Ella ada berlakon filem 'Hanya Kawan' dengan Han Isaac. Lebih kurang macam filem tu ke? Tak jugak. Saya rasa kawan ni orang yang rapat dengan kita. Yang kenal siapa kita. Apa yang kita suka dan apa yang kita benci. Kita pun semestinya kena la kenal kawan kita seperti kita mahu kawan itu kenal kita.

Sahabat: Sahabat sejatiku, hilangkah dari ingatan mu...nyanyian SheilaOn7. Memang 'best' lagu tu. Kisah perkongsian hidup dua orang sahabat. Memang itu yang saya rasa. Sahabat adalah kenalan, teman dan kawan. Malah lebih dari itu. Sahabat juga adalah orang yang sedia berkongsi suka dan yang lebih penting juga duka. Bukan sekadar dari sang sahabat tapi juga kepada sang sahabat.

Pastinya, semua orang mahukan sahabat. Hanya sahabat akan mempunyai sahabat. Maka, jadilah sahabat kepada semua orang.

p/s: Mahu menjadi sahabat kepada sahabat, sahabat kepada kawan, kawan kepada teman, dan juga teman kepada kenalan. :D

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I never think that I'm the best, but I'll always think and do the best I can. So I can be better each time.

The title is something I something somehow come to my mind, sometime ago. Recently, I post it as my Facebook status. It may not a great and powerful quote from an influential person but it really mean something and show the true me inside, to some extent. It gave me some motivational each and every time I read it. Quoting from one of my favourite author, so call the motivator motivator, Zig Ziglar something sound like (not in exact word): 'As you need to take bath everyday, some goes with motivation. It's need to be repeated frequently.'

It also came to my mind of something from one of my many seminars/courses during school time. If you are given a choice to be good, better or best, which will you choose. If you choose good, you will do a good job with feeling that you already done well when actually you can do more. If you choose best, then you will stop trying as you are already the best. But if you choose to be better, you will try to outperform your previous effort and won't stop at what ever level and on whatever reasons. So maybe you can be the best better person....;D

p/s: Like to better betterman......hehehe

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Recently I was attracted to another kind of sport involving running. Well I'm not an athletic person. I'm an important figure during my school sport day but not as an athlete. I was the person responsible for releasing the sportsman from the starting line. I can't sprint a 100m or anything related to running. I even can't 'run' from school. So during 'merentas desa' when I was able to complete the run, not only within the time limit but among the good one, I shocked myself. Please note that i didn't write among the best cause I'm not. You to can be shock with what you can actually achieve.

Thus, recently despite worsen condition of my stamina, have to admit on that, I was attracted to Marathon. It need a lot of energy and stamina not to mentioned determination. A full marathon will have a distance of 42.195km thus I pretty confidence of not finishing it in any time nearby. Not even half marathon with distance of around 21km. So I'm targeting for 10km run within this year. Unfortunately, I haven't started anything to increase my stamina, ability and capability to run that far.

The history of marathon started by a Greek soldier during a battlefield, Marathon Battlefield. Pheidippides, the soldier was send from a battlefield to announce 'We have won'. He collapse and died after announcing it. Noted that he was also fought in the battle. The distance between Marathon and Athens was approximately 42km as per now distance.

The route was not as easy as nowadays marathon race but that call improvement. Pheidippides take his mission wholehearted even it cost him, his life.

p/s: Just pursuing my dream wholeheartedly for more than 42km. ;D

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why Blogging???

Why blogging? The question suddenly arise recently after one of my friends ask me 'Bila nak update blog?'. I doesn't really know whether to laugh out loud or else. I also realise how long i didn't update this page.

It also make me thinking on why i actually started the page. The page was actually meant for me to share my mind and life experience with family, friends and whoever want to hear (read actually) a word or two. And i also like to share the mind and experience of others to. So when there is not much traffic flow in the page, i stop writing. Well, i realise now that its a mistake.

Another reasons for me to write is to let out what is inside my mind and heart. By letting out what is held inside, it will help to release and reduce the stress. Well, if by writing on the page, i can be a better man and able to handle stress then it will be good enough for me.

It just a way to express anyone reading my page, please express yourself.
Well, one problem will not stop and another problem will not stop me. ;P

Well quoted from someone: 'There is little you can learn from doing nothing.'