Sunday, April 10, 2011

My 101 Wish List

My Wish List
(In no particular order)
My Value Added /Learning Process
1. Get license of Airplane/Helicopter
2. Learn to swim
3. Learn Silat Sendeng
4. Learn to communicate in Mandarin, French, Arab and Japanese
5. Learn to play musical instrument (guitar/piano)
6. Get the deep water diving license
7. Learn to dance
8. Learn o shoot (gun/rifle)
9. Become Certified Internal Audit
10. Become Certified Financial Analyst
11. Become Certified Fraud Examiner
12. Learn to play Golf
13. Learn ‘Khat’ writing
14. Learn Graphic Design (Certificate)
15. Learn to cook Laksa Johor
16. Learn to made western gravy (Black Pepper/Mushroom)
17. Take 2nd Degree
My Belonging / Properties
18. Caldina / Alphard / Audi R8 Spyder
19. Watches collection i.e. Rolex, Pilippe Patek, Tag Heour, Oris, Rado, Omega
20. Own a bungalow + swimming pool
21. House by the sea/lake
22. Mont Blanc fountain pen
23. Own a speedboat
24. House yard with Balinese concept + fish pond
25. Tailor made top designer suit
26. High-end Digital Camera
27. ‘RB’ Tower

Recreational Activity, Vacation and Other Things TO Do
28. Skydiving
29. Bungee Jumping – current highest 216M, Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa
30. 10km, ½ marathon, marathon, ultra marathon
31. Romantic places – Venice, Rome, Paris, Mauritius, Cairo, Praque, Vienna, Monte Carlo
32. Cruise ship around the world
33. 7 wonder of the world
34. Fly in Hot Air Balloon
35. Wall/Rock Climbing
36. White water rafting
37. Climb Mt. Kinabalu
38. Visit Japan Anime/Mange industry
39. Enter Power Man triathlon
40. Get bowling perfect point
41. Build Taj Mahal miniature model (paper art)
42. Exercise 2-3 days a week (at least 30 min a day)
43. Archery
44. Horse riding
45. Revisit ‘The Amazing Race’ and ‘The Amazing Race Asia’ (Any Seasons – doing what they do)
46. Watch Arsenal play in a Trophy game at Emirates Stadium
47. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
48. Climb Mt. Everest
49. Climb Mt. Stong – 7 tier waterfall, the highest in Southeast Asia
50. Visit Makasar, Sulawesi and learn about Bugis
51. Visit Mayan Tribe heritage
52. Sow and reap a paddy field
53. Try ‘Toreh Getah’
54. Drive fast and furious at Sepang Race Track
55. Playing with snow – snowman, skiing
56. Go for vacation 4 times a year (at least 3 day once)
57. Live among ‘orang asli’ in Borneo during festive and go for hunting, fishing

Me, Myself and Family
58. Have a great Family – Get Married and have children
59. Perform Umrah and Haj with parent and family
60. Write a book(s)
61. Publish article in a n International Magazine
62. Appear in Magazine
63. Speak/Talk in front of thousands of people
64. Go to seminar by Tony Robbin, Zig Ziglar, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump
65. Talks/Interview Malaysian top performers i.e. Tun Dr. Mahathir, Tan Sri Mokthar Al-Bukhari, Dato Syed Muzafar, Dr. Azizan Osman, Afdlin Sauki, Dato’ Lat
66. Be a millionaire by 35 years.
67. Go to Micheal Buble concert
68. Organise Reunion
69. Dinner with my significant other at KL Tower restaurant
70. 6 pack abs
71. Feature in TV
72. Celebrate 30th wedding anniversary at Eiffel Tower
73. Join/Organise convoy around Peninsular Malaysia (maybe a Treasure Hunt)
74. Collaborate with Afdlin Sauki/Dr. Azizan Osman (Anything)
75. Plant a tree (most probable Durian)
76. Memorise all ‘surah lazim’ and ‘ayat seribu dinar’
77. Memorise ‘surah yassin’
78. Improve photography skill and have a portfolio of beautiful nature/scenery (featuring in magazine or exhibition)
79. 1kg gold in Gold Saving Account
80. Bring parent to travel oversea
81. Write children story book
82. Learn to cook (other than in value added section) and cook for family once a while
83. Spend time with family (2/3 of time for family)
84. Buy a car for abah
85. Buy furniture + jewellery for mak

My Business
86. Non Audit Firm – Accounting, Internal Control, Internal Audit, Financial Analyst, Fraud Examiner
87. Restaurant / Bistro
88. Adventure based shop
89. Printing company – books, t-shirt, bumper sticker
90. Open business outside of Malaysia
91. Start a t-shirt label
92. Real estate – property in all state of Malaysia
93. Investment Holding Company – Equity Holding of SME

The More You Give, The More You Get Back
94. DREAMZ Foundation – Install dream and support group for dreamer
95. Build a mosque
96. Volunteer in an international mission of humanity
97. Start a Public Speaking Club: Building Confidence
98. Donate Blood 100x (Currently 9x)
99. Feed 100 needy each year (consider achieve if done for 5 consecutive years and more, un tick if not done for one year)
100. Give back to community (total 5% contribution > than RM1 mill)
101. Set a fund and organise fund raising for ‘Education + Health for the poor’ (Hoping the fund will go on even after I passed away)


  1. masak laksa johor?? tak reti lagi ker... penat duk johor...

  2. Best! Well done! Dah berjaya list it down 101 Wish Lista!

  3. Tahniah!!!
    saya baru sampai nmbr 54...:)

  4. Kak Z: Masa kat KL dah amik resipi, tp tak sempat try. Ni dah balik JB kena la try...lagi pun chef depan mata, senang skit nak blaja..hehehe

    Dr. AO: Thanks. Dah berjaya list down... Sekarang masa untuk capai satu persatu pulak... Saya Luar Biasa...

    Zara: Thanks. Wish you'll complete it. We support each other to get it done. woot..woot...

  5. hola! bermotivasikah anda hari ini? semoga semuanya ceriia2 selalu! best prayers.