Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Social Website is Great....!!!!

It hard to discipline myself to blog at least once a day. Well, it quite hard to think of a topic really worth sharing.

Here a topic that I think worth to be type. ('_'). The social website is becoming more and more popular. One of the popular social website is Facebook. Tweeter is becoming more popular now. Before this we got Friendster, MySpace and a few more that i can't remember.
It becoming ways to connecting people. Sharing everything and anything. Even with stranger. Let just focus on the best thing of what this site offer us. For me it the chance to reconnect and stay connected with people we know. In fact, you will just surprise that some of the people you know in your childhood is connected to people you meet during your career path.
As for me, my Facebook friends now already 212 friends. I know it nothing compare to most of you. But i'm glad that i can say i know at least 95% of them, if not more. This is my friends from childhood, primary school, secondary school, matrix, uni, and career life. Most of them is a long lost friend. We haven't seen and talk for a very long time. Yet, we meet in this social website, Facebook and reconnected. I'm sure glad opening account with this site.

I always said, in case some of you never heard (or read in this case) "Once a friend, always a friend". Let enjoy our friendship.

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