Friday, October 23, 2009

Annual Grand Dinner..............

The Annual Grand Dinner is just around the corner. To be exact, it on next Saturday. The very last day in this month. Hope it will be great as a GRAND dinner should. This year theme is Nusantara but it was extended to few other country i.e Thai, Philippines, and Burma.

Last year Grand Dinner was good but some of my colleague mention that before my times, there is time of greater event. But my 1st Annual Dinner in BPMB was sure an unforgettable memories. First, I come as Austin Power, the weird agent Mike Myers. As last year theme was 'Get Smart', agent like smart. Well, I don't really went for smart in theme/costume clothing. I went for strange, weird, just the type that i won't aspect anyone else will want to wear. Unfortunately, I arrived late to the venue and miss the change to participate.

Secondly, as a new comer, just around one month at that point of time, I win 1st prize of the Lucky Draw. Which is 42" Sharp Aquos.

Well, it make it hard this year. What to wear to be up to the expectation?
But I wish i still have the luck to get something from the Lucky Draw.

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