Monday, November 2, 2009

Dodo Bird - an extinct bird

During my recent department meeting, the story of the dodo bird is shared. Well based on the stories and some fact from Wikipedia. Dodo bird was a bird family that unable to fly, flightless bird endemic is the term. Dodo bird came or originated from islands of Mauritius. It has been extinct since the mid to late 17th century. Since then some phrase related to Dodo bird was used to show extinction such 'as dead as a dodo' or to show near to obsolete or coming to extinction, 'to go to the way of the dodo'.
It was said that during the time, Dodo life was to easy that food is easily found without any trouble. There was also no predator of any kind. Thus, dodo evolved to be fearless of people and animal. With it nature that unable to fly, made them an easy prey. When human first come to Mauritius, they also bring with them animal that become dodo predator such as dogs and cats.
Why I was writing this? Just to share point that brought up during the department meeting, when we already comfortable with the surrounding, most probable due to the long time in the field, we become stagnant and reluctant to changes. Thus, when it require changes, we refuse. Even if it mean we can be better. Well it also apply to our daily life. If changes mean that we'll be better, why not?

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