Saturday, December 5, 2009

Buying a house??? (Pre-planning)

Recently, some of my friends decided to buy a house, with different reasons. Based on my own experience and opinion on the matters, there is few thing to be considered. Whether before selecting house, when selecting house, and then things that should be known to owned a house.
'Why you want to buy a house?' is a very importance. It will give you the right motivation to went throught all the hardship along the way. It can be for your own accomodation or investment. The answer will lead to a difference path of decision making. Investment can come in short (i.e. rental income) or long term (i.e. forecast of increased in value).
'What type of house?' will come next. In current market, there will a lot of choices varies from landed property (i.e. single storey, double storey, semi-D, and bungalow) and non-landed property (i.e. apartment and condominium). The choice will depended on your own preference and lifestyle. For example, if your like to have some smal space to wander around, some place for gardening, small park or just some space for your kids to run around, obviously you will choose landed property and maybe the corner lot for bigger land. Another example if your lifestyle make you only has a small time at house, then an apartment will suit you more as less time is required to do housekeeping and decorating. Obviously, it depend whether it for your own used or investment.
Next, 'Location?'. Consideration need to be given on distance with your office or where jobs/work force are (for higher rental possibility). The availability of utilities and facilities also need to be look into. Availbility of shops, park/playground, banks, shopping complex, school, and excess to main road/highways. If the house if for investment, another main consideration is the renting market.
Well, that were the main questions (not all) need to be attended. Buying a house is a big commitment and decision, so all area need to be attended carefully.
Let buy a house and make it a HOME.