Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why Blogging???

Why blogging? The question suddenly arise recently after one of my friends ask me 'Bila nak update blog?'. I doesn't really know whether to laugh out loud or else. I also realise how long i didn't update this page.

It also make me thinking on why i actually started the page. The page was actually meant for me to share my mind and life experience with family, friends and whoever want to hear (read actually) a word or two. And i also like to share the mind and experience of others to. So when there is not much traffic flow in the page, i stop writing. Well, i realise now that its a mistake.

Another reasons for me to write is to let out what is inside my mind and heart. By letting out what is held inside, it will help to release and reduce the stress. Well, if by writing on the page, i can be a better man and able to handle stress then it will be good enough for me.

It just a way to express anyone reading my page, please express yourself.
Well, one problem will not stop and another problem will not stop me. ;P

Well quoted from someone: 'There is little you can learn from doing nothing.'

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