Sunday, November 6, 2011

No More PPSMI?

Recently, there is a buzz on PPSMI which is Teaching of Math and Science in English. I already wrote about this during the early announcement that government will be switching back the teaching in Bahasa. Below is my early blogging on the matter. (My early post in 2009)

Saturday, October 24, 2009
Teaching of Mathematic and Science in..........?
Actually I been wanted to write something on this since the government in the process of REconsidering the teaching of Math and Science in English. However as the issue will not effect me directly. First because I don't have any child, in fact i'm not even married. Second, I not even in education line. Thus, I not the one suitable to say anything.

If i have anything related to it, I will strongly oppose the decision to teach Math and Science BACK to Bahasa Malaysia. I capitalize the RE word in the first para and BACK in the last sentence for a reason. It was the only reason why I prefer it to be teach in English. Not that I don't have nationalism spirit for Bahasa Malaysia but i feel if you don't want it to be teach in English then don't from the beginning. It just feel like they are trying to run from the problem arise rather than facing the problem.

I heard some discussion on the matter few weeks back. During break in a course I attended, the topic suddenly arise. The facilitator mention that everyone he asked doesn't agree with it. One of the participant whom is a parent also disagree with the decision. The participant was also mentioning her nieces and nephews in 'Kampung' didn't say anything when it was in English. Then, on what basis it needed to be teach in Bahasa Malaysia?

Last week I read some article in newspaper, can't remember which, the title is somethings goes 'Parent Association in 7 School Want School Be Given Chance To Choose'. Something like that if not exact. They want the subject continue to be teach in English and it not one, there is seven. If it was not clear enough, I just happen to see in Tun Mahathir blog, the polls show 86% say no to teaching it in Bahasa.

It hard to say anything now but I really hope next time decision need to be done in what so ever, proper research need to be done. And then no decision need to be RECONSIDER and switch BACK to its nature.

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