Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Today is 16th October 2012 and I turn 30 today. I received a lot of wishes and doa. Thank you for all the wishes and doa from all of you, I really appreciate it.

There been a great journey and adventure all of the years. 30 years is not a short period of time. A lot has been happening from the first day I'm born up to this very day. There up and down, there is hills and valley, there is land and sea. There sadness and happiness. And I'm glad that I had all this experience, knowing all of you. All of you are spices in my life that make what I'm today.

There a lot that we can learn from the courses of our life. To name a few general lesson:
1. We are born Winner as we fight through the process of pregnancy and given birth.
2. As a baby, we cries when we want something. That we learn to ask for something when we want/need it.
3. We keep walking no matters how many times we falls.

This is all the lesson that we tend to forget it when we grow older.

There is also a few lesson that I learn throughout my life. Might it be good times or bad times, there is always a lesson that we can learn from it.

I also meet a lot of people from all kind of individual, profession, ages, attitude and a lot more. Meeting all this people make me realize that I was far from being the best. I still have a lot to learn throughout the remaining of my life. I decided that I don't want to be the best.

I might not the BEST son, brothers, husband, friends, staff/leader, associate and/or partner. But I definitely will be BETTER from today onward. I will be striving to be better day by day even by 1% improvement.

To all my families and friends, feel free to leave comments on anything of me either bad or good for me to improve.

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