Thursday, April 22, 2010

I never think that I'm the best, but I'll always think and do the best I can. So I can be better each time.

The title is something I something somehow come to my mind, sometime ago. Recently, I post it as my Facebook status. It may not a great and powerful quote from an influential person but it really mean something and show the true me inside, to some extent. It gave me some motivational each and every time I read it. Quoting from one of my favourite author, so call the motivator motivator, Zig Ziglar something sound like (not in exact word): 'As you need to take bath everyday, some goes with motivation. It's need to be repeated frequently.'

It also came to my mind of something from one of my many seminars/courses during school time. If you are given a choice to be good, better or best, which will you choose. If you choose good, you will do a good job with feeling that you already done well when actually you can do more. If you choose best, then you will stop trying as you are already the best. But if you choose to be better, you will try to outperform your previous effort and won't stop at what ever level and on whatever reasons. So maybe you can be the best better person....;D

p/s: Like to better betterman......hehehe

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